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"Frescoes from the time of Hadrian unveiled at ancient Roman baths"


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Whoa!!! That's cool! Here's one of my favorite Hadrian coins.

Hadrian, AD 117-138.
Roman orichalcum dupondius, 13.78 g, , 26.1 mm, 7 h.
Rome, ca. AD 119-124.
Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG P M TR P COS III, radiate and draped bust, right.
Rev: PIETAS AVGVSTI, Pietas, veiled, draped, standing facing right before a lighted altar, raising her right hand and holding a box of incense in her left.
Refs: RIC 601c; BMCRE 1233-34; Cohen 1044; Strack 542; RCV 3665; Hill 257.

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Gotta love Hadrian era Roman buildings!


Roman Empire
Hadrian (AD 117-138)
AE Sestertius, Rome mint, struck ca. AD 134-138
Dia.: 31 mm
Wt.: 22.77 g
Obv.: HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, laureate and draped bust right 
Rev.: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing left, praying with hands upraised at altar to left; stork to right, S-C across fields
Ref.: RIC II 771


Roman Empire
Hadrian (AD 117 – 138)
AR Denarius, Rome mint, struck ca. AD 134 – 138 
Dia.: 17 mm
Wt.: 2.98 g
Obv.: HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP; Laureate head right
Rev.: AFRICA; Africa with elephant headdress reclining left, holding scorpion and cornucopia, basket of grain at feet
Ex L. Rose Collection


Roman Empire
Hadrian, AD 117-138.
AR Denarius, 18mm, Rome mint, struck AD 134-138.
Dia.: 18 mm
Wt.: 3.15 g
Obv.: HADRIANVS AVG COSIII PP; Laureate head right.
Rev.: ITA-LIA, Italia standing left, holding sceptre and cornucopiae.
Ref.: RIC II 307; BMC 853; RSC 869
Ex DePew Collection


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Hadrian Ar Denarius 119-122 AD Obv Bust right laureate draped and cuirassed Rv Roma standing left holding Victory . RIC 76 RICII/3 598 3.40 grms 20 mm Photo by W. Hansenhadriand57.jpg.40f358e0cc5d47ba8cf01265825adb3b.jpg

The first obverse portraits of Hadrian a very reminiscent to the way the emperor is depicted employed by his predecessor Trajan, however by 119 AD the imagery had  begun tp change. One thing that can be clearly seen is that the head becomes larger and a great deal of care is taken to depict the facial features of the emperor. Moreover the hair and the beard is given a great deal of attention. 

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Here's a Dionysos..


Pontos, Amisos. temp. Mithradates VI, c. 105-85 or 85-65 BC. Æ (16mm, 3.98g, 12h). Struck under Mithradates VI.
Obverse..Ivy wreathed head of Dionysos right.
Reverse..Filleted thyrsos, bell attached with fillet, AMI-ΣOY flanking across field, monogram lower right.
Mint..Amisos (Samsun, Turkey)
SNG Black Sea 1192-5; HGC 7, 251. Good VF

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