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Another Domitian denarius that ticks a few boxes


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This coin was a must have for me for several reasons. First, it is a PONT denarius. These are rare and highly sought after by collectors of Domitian coins. I also love the provenance of this coin. Dr Jyrki Muona (a well known collector) gifted this coin to Curtis Clay in December of 2008. But the provenance goes back even further because this coin was part of the Sotin hoard. More recently this coin was purchased by me from The Berk buy or bid sale #224 where it was lot 145.

There is another important part of the story of this coin. This coin is the RIC reference coin. There is no plate for this coin so it cannot be called the RIC plate coin, but my coin is the coin referred to in RIC 2007.

Thanks for reading.




Domitian; 81-96 AD, Rome, 81 AD, Denarius, 2.39g. 

Obv: IMP CAES DOMITIAN AVG PONT Head laureate r. 

Rev: COS VII - DES VIII P P Wreath on curule chair. 

RIC-23 (R3) (This coin). 

Ex Curtis L. Clay Collection, gift from Jurki Muona, Dec. 2008. 

Possibly only the second known specimen with this reverse. 

Part of the Sotin Hoard

RIC (2007) reference coin

Ex Harlan Berk Bid or Buy sale #224 Lot # 145


d23-removebg-preview copy.jpg

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