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Vitalini - Capo Sale - Decent *plated* ancients from 1891


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For the old-auction mavens:

Came across the old Italian numismatic house of Ortensio Vitalino today - I wasn't aware of it before.

Their 1891 sale of the Tommaso Capo collection actually has some pretty decent Greek and Roman, and it has plates.
Thankfully, the catalog is at gallica and can be browsed or pdf downloaded ... you can now find the link here:

rNumis » Auctions of Vitalini

Also, for fun, here's the Greek coin that led to it all, and the 3 auctions I have so far where it shows up:

rNumis --> Greek Coins Database Detail


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Thank you for the kind words, everyone.  It's a spare-time labor of love 😊

I'll probably start a different thread here to give periodic updates on what's new on the website, and to discuss any suggestions, errors etc. 

Thanks again!

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