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Tired of waiting on Leu? Ryro has the auction for you!


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You waited weeks for Leu to come along. Slowly but surely watching the prices get hire than a hippie in a helicopter. Just waiting for the live bidding where all the coins in your watch list reach astronomical amounts... and then to be told they couldn't even host the amount of traffic they received so you get to wait two more days to be disappointed!?


(This kids prebids were shattered as soon as live bidding began!)

Why put yourself through that when you can come get your grubbers on Ryro and DLP (my dad's been struggling since the passing of his spouse of 40 years, my mom. So I'm selling a bunch of coins he gave me over the coming weeks to help get him back on track) provenances!



Come on down to the place where...

In a few hours these beauties will be up for grabs... and MORE!

You like Marcus Aurelius? You like Marcus Aurelius with emerald green toning, a nude Poseidon and a mystery countermark??? Then you'll love this item:


One of the most popular anonymous types from the Roman Republic:


You say you're a geek collector but DON'T have a masterbating satyr in your collection!?!?! You can remedy that real quick:



Or a rare archaic bird:


You can blow like a hurricane with your very own Scorpion and lion!




Does your old lady NOT have snakes for hair. Sounds like it's time to pick up a mistress...I mean Medusa:



Feel like expanding on your eastern rulers???



Jealous of your buddies tiny geek archaic fractions? Show them what small is, while keeping your pants on with this 3-4mm little fella:


Of course you've got legends on your want list. We've got legends from Cleopatra:


To Pertinax:



Or need some Celtic Proto-Coinage to impress that red headed lass in your life:



We've traveled through space and time to bring you such great items! So don't forget:


If you have questions please feel free to reach out

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