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Looking for these types. Please reply if you have found any!


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Hello everyone, sorry about this post but I've been looking for a few months for these types, but none ever surface.

(mods let me know if this is allowed!)

I am looking for:

Arsinoe Dekadrachms

Hekatomnos Tetradrachms

Baalshallim Dishekels

Cast Olbian AES (the gorgon type that is huge!)

Volaterrae AES Dupondii/Gravii

And that is my current major bucketlist.

Please message or reply if you have found any! I have no particular price range either.

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Arsinoe dekadrachms appear every once in a while, usually at the more premier auctions.

The coinage of Hekatomnos is common, but his staters/tetradrachm appear less often but still frequently. There's one available on VCoins right now and an off-center one sold not long ago on CNG.

Baalshallim dishekels are also relatively frequent. I see the last sold at Naville.

I see the cast Olbians all the time. The challenge there is finding a nice copy since most are very worn.

In general, keep an eye out at the major auctions, especially the higher end ones for your targets. CoinArchives can give you an idea of upcoming sales and ACSearch is useful for past results. With patience you should have an opportunity for all of these within the next 6 months.

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