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Constantinopolis medallion protocontorniate


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This interesting medallion is currently being offered on eBay for $2200.


It's RIC VII Rome 301, but with a hammered up edge making it a protocontorniate (gaming piece?), and significantly reducing the size.

The above coin is listed as 28mm 20.25g and appears to be a double die match to this one sold in The NY Sale XI (#357) which is 36mm 27.25g.


I'm not sure where RIC gets the 327-333 AD date range for this type from. I suspect it may be a bit later 337-340 since there is a "poor man's" version of it from that date in form of a Constantinopolis commemorative, RIC VIII Rome 42, that has same VICTORIA AVG legend and Victory with palm and wreath (vs usual Constantinopolis sceptre and shield). I have the same type without the VICTORIA AVG legend (RIC VIII Rome 41), below.


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9 hours ago, Celator said:

Strangley 3 entries for this one. 20, 31, & 42

Yes - three different issues with leaf, star and palm branch respectively in exergue, and supposedly three different varieties of Constantinopolis in each issue: normal victory with shield + sceptre, victory with wreath + palm, victory with wreath + palm and VICTORIA AVG legend. I'm not convinced the three types exist in all three issues, although they do at least for the palm in exergue one.



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21 hours ago, Limes said:

I should start selling on eBay 🤑

..haha!...well, its a good place to 'offer' your coin at a inflated price and still be able to keep it! ^^...i've got cons in my watch list as such that have been there over 20 years...6_6...but i hear ya...:)

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