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Roman mysteries, other than the usual suspects?


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Other than Steven Saylor, Lindsey Davis, and the SPQR series, what are some other Roman mysteries? 

There was one which I read during the 1990s but can't remember much about it.  I think it was set during a dinner given by someone named Claudius, or similar.  I just ordered a used copy of "Ghosts of Glenum" (Rosemary Rowe), which has a similar storyline.  However, I want to say that this was set during the 150's or later.

I've not yet sampled Rosemary Rowe's works, unless Glenum is the aforementioned mystery.



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While the Falco series was a step above, in my opinion, the Flavia Albia series is also very enjoyable.  It made me want some spiced wine, which influenced my grocery shopping yesterday.  "Witche's Brew" isn't Roman, but it will have to do.

I also have to order new wine glasses.  Mine is recently chipped :classic_sad:. Meijer didn't have any.

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