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I should update how our local Coin Show went in Williamsport PA


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Thank you Numis Forums for the calendar post I was able to make promoting the W.A.N.S. coin show in early August 2023. I was not one of the big dealers but did share an 8 foot table with a fellow club member with our wares.

There were 25-to 30 tables in the air conditioned well lit firehall. There was a steady stream of people from 8 AM until 1:30 PM when it got a bit more manageable. Sometimes I had two things going on at once and someone waiting in the background. 

I took stuff I never wanted to see again and sold over $1000. my buddy sold over $7000. but he took his good stuff.

We had three aluminum standard display cases. I brought half my stuff home and my buddy sold 75% of what he brought. That's - ah - good!

I gave ANACS 18 coins to grade and paid the flat fee for them to conserve what they saw fit of the lot.

I don't remember buying anything but did get a lead for a "house call" and went there a few days later and bought about $90 face in common US silver. there were a couple rolls of BU original Kennedy 1964 halves in that lot. So the junk I sold, I turned into silver. That's what I wanted to do.

As for the rest of the show, our officers tell me that all the dealers were happy and I can tell that the customers were too. The food well, it could have been better. It was suffice.

At the end they drew the prizes from the sale of perhaps 600 tickets sold. There were 10 prizes and my wife won the Top prize, a 1999 1/10th oz platinum uncirculated eagle.

Since a lot of my unwanted stuff is gone, I will put on an even better show next year. Maybe 2 tables? Depends on my health.


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OH yeah, I did see the Byzantine gold coin I saw at the local coin shop that kept gnawing at my brain for the past half year.

It is a very nice cupped coin, A Constantine X Histamenon Nomisma. She has a tag on it for $1035. ( I think )

Further investigation and some patience and luck and it may eventually come home. I need to study it more. It is slabbed in a PCGS or NGC holder but I didn't want to seem to excited. I have bought coins from her with patience on a couple occasions. One took a couple years to hook me.

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What a delight it is to hear of successful local coin shows,  @thenickelguy.  Sounds like you have found a great way to dispose of the miscellany which most collectors have accumulated over time, stuff that doesn't fit in the collection.  

I have collected Byzantine gold for many years, but only added Constantine X to my collection this year.  My new coin is not perfect, with a bit of wear on the converse side.   But the emperor’s side is well-nigh ideal.  It came from a Roma auction, at what I would regard as a fair price.  Including 18% commission, shipping, etc it was 536 pounds total, or around $660.   I think you should buy whatever makes you happy, but I would hesitate on the coin you are interested in, at a price of $1035.  Unless it is slabbed as 5/5, 5/5.  In which case you could probably put it in a Heritage auction and make money.

I hope you do not find my comments critical, and I mean no offense.  Further, I know we tend to avoid talking about prices, except as matters of historical interest.  It is just that your Constantine X seems a bit pricey to me, and I felt I should say something.


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I appreciate that very much sand and Hrefn.

I would make an offer. If I recall, the grade was maybe 4.5 / 4.5 but when I look at these coins this dealer offers they have great eye appeal or I pass. Anyway, I am going to get the cert number from her by phone and keep doing my homework. The plus side is that I can look at it in hand. I will do what is right. I know I'm not paying for gold, it's the coin itself. Seems there were a lot of these minted.

I'll update when I know more. I sort of have two threads going on this now so I will continue on the other in the Byzantine section. Thank you!

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