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The only reason I bought this coin. 

Condition-wise it's actually a turd of a coin, but the coin itself was issued by someone named Turd, aka C. Papirius Turdus!

This coin was being listed multiple times by a local ebay seller for a long time with no one bidding it, even I have skipped it for being too worn, until last week I took a closer look, the only attributable element is the name of the moneyer C. Papirius Turdus written as TVRD.

I just want to have it for fun, ended up wining it for the opening bid of $10. 


AE as
C. Papirius Turdus
169-158 BC
Laureate head of Janus; I above / Prow of galley right; I to right, TVRD above
26.10 g, 32 mm

Please share you coins with funny names!

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A recent purchase. An old saw, but when ROMA is reversed it becomes AMOR.

Roman Republic. Anonymous. Second half of the 2nd Century BC. Æ As (33mm, 35.84g). Spanish(?) imitation, perhaps officially sanctioned. Obv: Laureate head of bearded Janus; I (mark of value) above. Rev: Prow of galley left; I (mark of value) above; AMOR below. Ref: cf. Crawford 56/2; cf. Sydenham 143; Good Fine, dark patina, well made for issue. Ex Ibercoin Online Auction 85 (20 July 2023), Lot 222. 



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