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Recent haul of fractional coinage!


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Hello everyone! 

I haven't posted in some time, so I would like to share some recent purchases here with you all.



Campania, Phistelia, 325 - 272 BC

Silver Obol, 10mm, 0.63 grams

Obverse: Male head facing slightly right.

Reverse: Dolphin to right above barley grain and mussel shell, ethnic in retrograde in Oscan script below.

HN Italy 613 // SNG Copenhagen 576 // SNG ANS 567-78. Ex. Ken Dorney & Roma Numismatics.






Cilicia, Tarsos, Tiribazos 388-380 BC, Silver Obol

0.61g, 11mm

Ball seated right holding an eagle and lotus tipped scepter, monogram to left

Male figure standing right, holding a scepter and eagle/dove. Aramaic inscription to left.

SNG Levante 67. 





Sicily, Gela 465-450 BC, Silver Litra.

.64g, 11mm

Horse standing right, wreath above.

Forepart of a man headed bull right “GEΛA”

HGC 2, 373.


AR 1/4 Siglos.

1.28g, 8mm

Rosen 679.

And that is some of my recent purchases. Feel free to share yours!

*Sorry about the quotes haha, I am not sure how to fix them*


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Fractional coinage - an excellent area of collecting. I am glad these are usually not popular, as collectors usually prefer large coins. But there are a lot of examples where a small coin is a work of art, with a lot of details engraved with great skills. 

I haven't bought a fraction for a while - because in the last months I didn't see any examples that I like AND I can afford in the auctions I was in. 

Here is my latest one. I consider it an exceptional coin. Difficult to photograph. Very difficult. I bought it because I liked both the obverse (Silenus) AND the reverse - an animal I didn't have in my collection - a  tortoise. I do not have an Aegina coin and the ones with the turtle showing clearly are quite expensive. 


Lesbos, Methymna. Circa 400 BC. AR Hemiobol. 7 mm 0,30 g
Bearded head of Silenos facing / Tortoise in dotted square frame. Unpublished with square frame but several known.
Aufhäuser 14, 127; Lanz 117, 112; G & M 196, 1632. Cf Traité 2263 (circular frame)

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