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My Latest Tyche Collection Poster


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When reviewing my coins of Antioch the other day...

...I was surprised at how many feature Tyche with her classic headdress. She appears to be a frequent celebrity guest on coins of Seleucis & Pieria. I must have a subliminal attraction for women in hats because my recent posters feature Gorgons and women in helmets — although writhing vipers is not a hat in the traditional sense.


I  like the city skyline crown symbolism.



Please post any additions to your favorite sub collections or Tyche related acquisitions.



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A graphic design to be proud of, well done. Some beautiful coins there.

Got my first ever Tyche reverse recently

CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnum. Severus Alexander (222-235). Ae.
Obv: ΑV Κ Μ ΑVΡ СЄΟVΗΡ ΑΛЄΞΑ, with remaining part of legend ΝΔΡΟС right field inside legend.
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: СЄΛЄVΚЄΩΝ ΚΑΛVΚΑΔΝ, with remaining Ω of legend in upper right field.
Tyche, holding branch, seated left on rocks between two columns; river god Calycadnum to lower left.
RPC VI online 7034.
Condition: Near very fine with striking green patina.
Weight: 13.99 g.
Diameter: 29 mm.
This coin (AC Search) sold by Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann). Auction 79, Lot# 439, 07/07/2019. Purchased from Marti Classical Numismatics, Spain.



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This solidus of Theodosius I the Great has an unusual depiction of Constantinopolis as Tyche of the city with a mural crown.  



This would appear to be the earliest version of Constantinopolis as can be seen in this solidus of Constantius II which features Roma and Constantinopolis together.  Roma wears her usual helmet in contrast.


Constantinopolis soon adopted the helmet from Roma, and is most commonly so depicted, as on this coin of Theodosius II.  




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Again an elegant and artistic poster. I do not have your talent and patience with editing software, @LONGINUS and I envy you for that. But if I stop being lazy I might create some posters of my own - and if they are at least half as nice as yours, I will frame them on the walls in my house. 

Note - did you want to write Nero here? 



My favorite Tyche coin is this Marcianopolis provincial. But to be honest, the obverse was the reason for buying it - I simply love these portraits. Plus the color of this coin. 


My first Tyche coin - a Trajan from Thyateira. 


Here is a Faustina II from Hadrianopolis 


Hadrian from Nakrasa 



Julia Domna from Antioch (but the Antioch in Pisidia)



The coin that puzzled me the most, from my collection, also features a Tyche reverse. I bought it from an auction in a lot of 10 coins. 9 of them were Imperial and relatively easy to attribute. This one was very difficult to attribute because of the wear, lack of legends ... plus the very generic reverse. 


It took me about 1 year. Not every day, of course, but every few weeks I remember it and checked it again hoping I have the big idea. 

I think my attribution is finally correct. 

Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. Macedonia, Amphipolis.
Bronze Ӕ 24 mm, 10,2 g
ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ Μ ΑΥΡΗ ΑΝΤΩΝƐΝΟϹ(sic), laureate head of Marcus Aurelius, r. / ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ, turreted Tyche seated l. holding patera
RPC IV.1, 3526 (temporary), Cop 105


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