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New RR. Gens Memmia


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L. Memmius AR Denarius (20mm, 3.77 g.)
Rome mint, struck 109-108 BC Gens Memmia
Obv. Apollo facing right, wearing oak wreath, mark of value below chin.
Rev. The Dioscuri standing facing, each holding spear and bridle of his horse. Moneyer name in exergue.
Crawford 304
The gens Memmia was a plebeian family at ancient Rome. The first member of the gens to achieve prominence was Gaius Memmius Gallus, praetor in 172 BC. From the period of the Jugurthine War to the age of Augustus they contributed numerous tribunes to the Republic



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That type has the head as large as can be and still fit on the flan. 


19 mm. 3.78 grams.
L. Memmius, 109-108 BC, with description as the first coin in this tread.
Also, Sear Roman volume 1, 181. 

I bought this one from John Jencek on vcoins in 2010. 

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