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Forge your own fakes! Cut out the auction house! A new auction-house low.


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Katz is showing up on Numisbid with a range of dies to make your own fakes. No need to pay middleman fees to buy "ancients" any more.

How low can they stoop for a buck? Just one description here, but plenty more on offer,  for your delight and edification. They also have sold  the same type "real" coins in the past. Plenty of Roman fake dies too if Sicily isn't your thing.


Ancient Greece Sicily Syracuse Obverse and Reverse Dies 475 - 470 BC Modern Forghery (sic) Steel And Bronze; 1970th. Working dies for Silver Tetradrachm. Obv: Charioteer wearing a long chiton and holding...

Starting price: 5 EUR



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My opinion is that  this is outrageous. 

I have been duped a few times over the years with forgeries, thankfully highlighted by more erudite collectors than myself. Usually, I have been fortunate as I have been able to return them to dealers, however, I have bought a few from private sellers I couldn't return and ended up throwing them into the sea. I did this for two reasons, the primary reason is that I would not want anyone to be disadvantaged in the future by my proven stupidity, the second reason is that I don't want to be reminded of my stupidity.

Now if a 23rd Century marine archaeologist is perplexed, I've given them something to think about! That doesn't worry me.

Possibly if people are still able to make intellectual decisions about property ownership in the 23rd Century  ( I doubt it ) , it will be catalogued as a rare 21st century forgery  provenanced to equally rare forgers dies, possibly ex-Katz?






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