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Alexander III-Macedon shield


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After @Ryro generously gave his time in looking at this coin, I purchased my first Alexander the Great.

Obverse: Macedonian shield with thunderbolt on boss.
Reverse: B – A either side of Macedonian helmet with chinstrap. ^E Monogram upper right.
Price 404 var (monogram upper instead of lower).   Uncertain mint in Macedon, ca. 326 BC.  4,65 g - 16 mm.



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Man, that thing is cherry! I love the thunderbolt boss (and as Liampi tells us, they are some of the earliest of the MSC coinage!), great bushels and chin strap on your helmet and clear monogram to the right of helmet. Great purchase!

I imagine the soldiers that wore that helmet style and shield type must've felt pretty tops seeing these in circulation!

Here's a couple of my favorite thunderbolt bosses with a snake and mouse below the helmet (I have a dolphin I can't find, and many others, as well but am currently re-cataloging and foolishly dumped a bunch of pictures, face palm):


Incredibly rare remnants of an actual Makedonien shield (it has the star of Vergina boss!) and may have belonged to Demetrius II the Antigonid:


Some of my coins of the type:


And the coolest shield from antiquity to, partially make is way to us; THE shield of Philip ll from his tomb:




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