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Anyone Have Opinions on This Dealer?

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Hey Everyone,

Happy Summer!  

My brother has been itching for another antiquity and came upon the dealer, NP Collectables.


There’s something he’s interested in on the Near East page, one of the Syro-Hittite figures.

We can’t find much on the dealer.  The person whose collection it’s from seems to have collected antiquities from what little we’ve found, Brian William Hooper.

But, we’re newbs and have no idea if it’s genuine or not.  We haven’t been able to find anything that’s really similar to the chariot.

so, we appreciate any opinions.

Thanks so much!

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Interesting. I hadn't heard of them before.

The only thing that raises alarm bells for me is that although they say the artifacts are authentic, they don't explicitly guarantee that and apparently only accept returns within 21 days of purchase.

The coins seem okay to me.

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I have purchased several items from him (Peter Buddle) in the past. The transactions were always pleasant, shipping (from the UK to the USA) went well, and I felt Peter was responsive and very nice. Having said that, I have always felt that his inventory consists of a combination of lots of unquestionably authentic specimens and other items that, well, give me much pause (but are, admittedly, outside of my areas of expertise). And, to my knowledge, Peter is not a member of the Antiquities Dealers Association - at least I don't see a mention of it on his site. (It's preferable to buy from dealers who are members of the ADA.)


While I feel very good about the purchases I've made from Peter, I was usually purchasing stuff I was knowledgeable about. I do think it's prudent to be highly selective when purchasing there. Unless you have a decent amount of experience in the area associated with the object you are considering purchasing – and are thus well-positioned to judge authenticity – I’d recommend having it vetted, like by the regular contributors at https://groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts

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