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Rare Sestertii in Ebay-Sale, ending Sunday, June 25!

Julius Germanicus

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After consigning the first part of my core collection to Leu Numismatics, I am now offering a second batch of very nice and/or rare Sestertii  via German eBay, ending next Sunday, June 25, around 8 pm Central European time.

What doesn't sell there, will eventually also go to an auction house. So here is a chance for you to come first and save some fees 🙂.

This is not the stuff you usually find on eBay (and not on Vcoins and MA-Shops, for that matter - at least usually not for less than twice the price asked for here), but bid with confidence: all Sestertii come with detailed certificates of authenticity by David R. Sear, are from my own collection assembled over the past decade, and my rating as an eBay seller has been no less than 100,00 % positive ever since I joined in 1999!

If you are interested in anything but live outside of the European Union please let me know so we could arrange overseas shipping.



Pertinax Sestertius:


Didius Julianus Sestertius:


Diadumenianus Sestertius:


Nerva Sestertius with 1926 pedigree (according to an estimate by Numismatics Ars Classica, this coin is more valuable than even the Pertinax, so the current bid of 999 Euros might be a bargain!):


Nero Sestertius:


Galba Sestertius:


Otacilia Severa Hippo Sestertius:


Agrippina Senior Sestertius (current high bid is 680 Euros):


Unlisted RRR Vitellius Sestertius:


RRR Plotina Sestertius:


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7 minutes ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

Hoping you don’t mind and it’s not against the rules: (or else I will erase the post)



No, that is a brilliant idea and totally fine with me 😎.
So you can see the mid-price stuff as well - Agrippa and Antonia can be had for a bargain 12.50 Euros each at the moment 🫣

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Are you the seller for all the coins offered by "do217" -- in other words, is that you? -- or is that someone else and  only the coins you've posted in this thread are yours? Because I might be interested in one of the other coins offered, a dupondius not pictured here. However, given the "Possibly no shipping to the USA" statement, I don't want to waste my time. If you prefer to respond by private message, please do so.  

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