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Proclamation 4127—Father's Day


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In the US, since 1972, the third Sunday in June is reserved to celebrate fathers. While several internet sites mention the necktie as tie most popular gift, recent retail data shows that spending now starts with "a special outing such as dinner or brunch". The COVID years, virtual work, and less formal attire seem to make a necktie a much less likely choice. I will eventually get to a coin of interest, which today comes with Tiberius' objection to the title used on the coin for his step-mother, Julia Augusta (aka Livia). The "Proclamation 4127" is a reference to President Nixon's 1972 proclamation that created the national holiday.

For more information on this coin and Father's Day - see my full post on SullaCoins.com

Spain, Colonia Romula, Divus Augustus, with Julia Augusta (Livia), died AD 14, Æ Dupondius (23.83 g, 11h), Struck after AD 16.
Obv: Radiate head of Divus Augustus right; six-rayed star above, thunderbolt to left
Rev: IVLIA AVGVSTA GENETRIX ORBIS, head of Livia left, set on globe, crescent above.
Ref: RPC I 73

post any coin that makes you smile

Happy Father's Day!

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Happy Fathers Day to you, @Sulla80, and to all the dads out there! That is a nice coin celebrating the father of the Roman Empire!

Today is my first Fathers Day as a grandfather! My son and his wife had a baby early this year. So that makes me feel a bit like Valerian. Here's Valerian, his son, and first grandson to celebrate the day. I, of course, wish to avoid the series of tragedies that befell the members of the dynasty.

Valerian I, 253-260 CE.
Roman AR antoninianus, 2.69 g, 21.2 mm, 7 h.
Colonia Agrippina (Cologne) mint, 259-260 CE.
Obv: VALERIANVS·P·F·AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: DEO VOLKANO, Vulcan standing left within tetrastyle temple, hammer raised in right hand, tongs downward in left.
Refs: RIC 5 (inaccurately attributed to the Lugdunum mint); Cohen 2 (inaccurately attributed to Valerian II); RSC 50c; Göbl 884d; Hunter IV 56; RCV 9934.

Gallienus, 253-268 CE.
Roman billon antoninianus, 3.61 g, 21.1 mm, 12 h.
Cologne, 257-258 CE.
Obv: GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: VIRTVS AVGG, Gallienus in military attire standing right, holding spear and standard.
Refs: RIC 58F; Göbl 8821; Cohen 1309; RCV 10413; Hunter 58; ERIC II 1030.

Valerian II, Caesar 256-258 CE.
Roman billon antoninianus, 3.14 g, 22.5 mm, 5 h.
Cologne, 257-258 CE.
Obv: VALERIANVS CAES, radiate and draped bust, right.
Rev: IOVI CRESCENTI, infant Jupiter seated facing on goat standing right, his right hand raised.
Refs: RIC 3; Göbl 907e; Cohen 26; RCV 10731; Hunter 9.

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My dad likes coins.  I got him this for his recent birthday:



L. Antestius Gragulus, 136 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.89 g, ), Rome. GRAG Helmeted head of Roma to right; below chin, XVI monogram in ligature (mark of value). Rev. L · (ANTE)S / ROMA Jupiter in quadriga galloping to right, hurling thunderbolt with his right hand and holding scepter in his left. Babelon (Antestia) 9. Crawford 238/1. RBW 980. Sydenham 451.

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Fathers Day Perhaps one of the more unpleasant ones.

Sestertius of Septimius Severus 195-196 AD Obv Bust right laureate drapery on far shoulder. Rv Fortuna standing left holding rudder and cornucopia RIC 706 26.26 grms 32 mm Photo by W. Hansen sss3.jpg.6d95f8c2b271404e0cb1759e3c49d0c4.jpg

Yes one of the more ruthless dads. Always remember his advise to his two children Love each other enrich the army.... despise the rest. Charming

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A very happy Father's Day to all you fathers and grandfathers out there.

Here's one Dad with his "good" son. The "bad" son (at least according to traditional wisdom) wasn't invited to be in the picture.

Vespasian AR Didrachm, Caesarea, Province of Galatia-Cappadocia, Year 9 (AD 76-77). Obv. Laureate Head of Vespasian right, [ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑ] ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΟΥЄϹΠΑϹΙΑΝΟϹ Ϲ[ЄΒΑϹΤΟϹ] / Rev. Laureate Head of Titus right, [ΑΥΤ]Ο ΚΑΙ ΟΥЄϹΠΑϹΙΑΝΟϹ ϹЄΒΑϹΤ[ΟΥ ΥΙΟϹ]. 20 mm., 7.06 g., 1 hr. RPC [Roman Provincial Coinage] Vol. II Online 1650 (see https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/2/1650); Sydenham 102 [E. Sydenham, The Coinage of Caesarea in Cappadocia (1933 & 1978 Supp. by A.G. Malloy)]. Purchased from Roma Numismatics Ltd E-Sale 103, 24 Nov. 2022, Lot 737.


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