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an Antiochus III Tetradrachm & an expensive Byzantine snack


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I had another very nice experience with Aegean Numismatics. My package was shipped carefully (a sturdy box) and incredibly quickly.

I had gone into the store intending to buy two other coins.  However, the budget Antiochus III Tetradrachm was still available and that changed things; it was to be one of the other coins and that one.  I then noticed a later Byzantine Hyperpyron for a relative bargain at today's prices, so the original coins will have to be delayed to next buy.

According to my spreadsheet, I hadn't bought a Seleucid Tet since 2010.  The recent Demetrius II was a Shekel, so that doesn't count.

The Andronicus II was the more expensive of the two, but it was the 'snack.'  I have little passion for the post 1240's Byzantine coins. I bought it because it was relatively cheap.  It's only my second post-1240's Byzantine, that I know of.

The Antiochus III looks a bit blah in the picture but it's quite handsome in person.  The large tetradrachms have to be pretty terrible not to cut an impressive figure.  It is unusually worn.  One hardly ever sees Tets in below VF grade.


Antiochus III - 223-187 BC - AR Tetradrachm - SC 1045.2 - 16.80g Antioch mint.


And now on to the 'gold' coin.  Should I call it electrum?  What was the gold percentage at this time?

I listened to the Totalus Rankium episode featuring Andronicus II.  I'm down to virtually only the post-1261 emperors.  It was just hard to get through.  It becomes too depressing at this point, and this isn't even the true end of the empire.  There's a lot of similarities between the late Byzantines and the late Seleucids, constantly infighting over a smaller and smaller pie.

Who knows, perhaps this was used to pay the Catalan Grand Company?



(Aegean description)

AV Hyperpyron

4.10g, 24mm
The Virgin Mary, orans, facing within city walls
Andronicus II and Michael IX, kneeling, facing, between the facing figure of Christ who is crowning them.
SB 2396

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