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The giveaway of the giveaway


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Our colleague @Sulla80 created a very nice thread today

I discussed with @Sulla80 and I decided that I want to pass this coin to a different member of our community. 

So I would like this coin to reach, ideally, a young colleague's collection, but since age is just a number, this is not a mandatory condition. 

If there are members here who would like the tetradrachm, please answer, on the thread, to these questions

- When did you start collecting ancient coins?
- What is the favorite ancient coin in your collection?
- Why do you like this particular coin? (to be clear, the tetradrachm)

The deadline is in exactly 72 hours. 

I really hope we will have a few answers. As @Sulla80 mentioned, 


3 hours ago, Sulla80 said:

it is not a tetradrachm from Syracuse at the peak of artistic excellence

but I don't think (at all) that this is a coin a collector should be ashamed with. 

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I will get the ball rolling for you.

Q1/ I started collecting ancients just over 1 year ago, after winning a coin previously owned by @Sulla80


Q2/ My current fav coin is a large Antoninus Pius with upright winged thunder reverse


Q3/ I like the coin because the dark patina compliments many of my coins. Also, as yet, I do not have the Emperor, I do not have a provincial issue and I have no tetradrachm coins.

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@ambr0zie I'll throw my hat into the ring.


When did you start collecting ancient coins?

One year ago last month. I had been interested in the Classical world since I visited the Roman forum and Pompeii while studying art history in Florence a few years ago. My wife and I have plans to go back when we finish grad school.


What is the favorite ancient coin in your collection?

A few months before my first coin, we adopted a dog. That's made it hard to do one of me and my wife's favorite activities: birding. So, I've started "birding" a little bit in my coin collection. My favorite coin is this diobol from Eion in Thessaloniki. The coin is of historical interest to me as well because it comes from a city that was fought over in the wars between Athens/the Delian League and Persia right around the time the coin itself was struck. It's also tiny, such an adorable coin - I have gravitated towards collecting really small coins like tetartemoria. I think the bird part speaks for itself. My personal notes on this coin just read "Honk Honk!" Here's my picture:


and the wildwinds page: https://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/macedonia/eion/SNGANS_272.txt for the coin. Trust me, the goose is even sassier in hand.


Why do you like this particular coin?

Well, it's got a bird on it,so that's always a good start. The only other eagle I have is on a tetartemorion from Miletos, but the design is a little more abstract. I don't have a single tetradrachm or a coin from Alexandria, so both of those things make it more appealing to me. I also really like how well-preserved the mint/officina mark is. It makes the past seem so much closer, when you can identify a single workshop, or a couple people who made a coin millennia ago in a different continent. I could wax poetic about how cool I think good officina marks are, but I think you guys probably get the gist.


Thank you and good luck to @expat - that's a really nice thunderbolt. Here's my favorite thunderbolt coin. It's from Selge in southwestern Turkiye. Herakles's portrait just looks a little goofy to me 😛


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Another serious candidate. I have some urgent problems so I had to leave the city, will return tomorrow late evening (I am on GMT + 2).

Rules are rules so the deadline remains. If just the two of you gentlemen remain, I will flip a coin and post the video. If there are others, I will choose another method. 

Note - I do not know any of you and I like your answers. So I do not have a favorite. The coin is with Sulla80 and he will arrange the shipping. 

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OK, the drawing is now completed. 

I am trying to add a video with what I did - I took a random coin and flipped it - @expat had the head as he was the first participant, @captch the tails. 

Congratulations, @expat and also @Captch and sorry - I liked both your answers. Too bad there can be only one winner. 

The coin is with @Sulla80  so @expat please discuss the shipping details. 

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