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Coin Week Article on Constantine VII and Zoe

Roman Collector

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A new CoinWeek article by Mike Markowitz looks at the coinage of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus.

Here's the only coin I have in my collection featuring him.

CONSTANTINE VII, Porphyrogenitus, with Zoe, 913-959 CE.
Byzantine Æ Follis, 5.15 g, 23.7 mm, 5 h.
Constantinople, 914-919 CE.
Obv: +COnSTAn CE ZOH b, crowned facing busts of Constantine, wearing loros, and Zoe, wearing chlamys, holding patriarchal cross between them.
Refs: DOC III 22; Berk 928; SB 1758.

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Some wonderful gold coins in the article - I have an AR Miliaresion from Constantine VII, this one with the name "Porphyrogenitus" (Born in the Purple) on the coin.  My notes on this coin are here:



Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, with son Romanus II. 913-959, AR Miliaresion, Constantinople mint. Struck 945-959

Obv: IESuS xRIStVS nIcA, Cross-crosslet set on three steps; globus below

Rev:+ COҺST’ τ’/ ΠORFVROG,/ CЄ ROmAҺO/ ЄҺ X’ω EVSEЬ’/ Ь’ RωmEOҺ in five lines

Obv Translation: Jesus Christ Victor

Rev Translation: Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Romanus, by the grace of Christ, Pius, Emperors of the Romans

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Minted at Constantinople during the reign of Constantine VII, Porphyrogenitus and Romanus I, Lecapenus between 20 May 921 - August 931. Obv. +IhS XPS REX REcnAntI4M*.: Christ enthroned facing, wearing nimbus cr., pallium and colobium, and raising r. hand in benediction; in l. hand, book of Gospels. Rev. ROmAn’ET XPISTOFO’ A4cc b’.: Facing busts of Romanus I, with short beard (on l.) and Christopher, beardless (on r.), both crowned, holding between them long patriarchal cross; Romanus wears loros, whilst his son is clad in chlamys. BCVS #1745. CBE #6 pg. 201



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Minted at Constantinople during the reign of Constantine VII and Romanus I between Feb 914 - 919. Obv. Facing busts of Constantine VII, beardless, (on l.) and Zoe (on r.), both crowned and holding between them long patriarchal cross; Constantine wears loros, whilst his mother is clad in chlamys. Rev. +CONS/tAntiNO’/CE.ZOHbA/SILIS.RO/MEON in five lines. BCVS #1758. Provenance: Ex. Savoca ebay 2018 6.17g, 24.0mm, 6H


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