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Help needed to identify what I believe to be a Greek coin - Female head right/reclining person left


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I may be suffering from 'tunnel vision' so I am asking for help from anyone who can see anything in this coin that I cannot.

Obv. I can see a (fem.) head right.

Rev. Person (male) reclining left with one leg over the other.

I have exhausted 'River Gods' and Thessaly Lamia and Bruttium and numerous other possibilities, but if someone can contribute something I would appreciate that.


AE17.2mm., 3.32 gm.

Magical Snap - 2023.01.26 12.53 - 070.jpgMagical Snap - 2023.01.26 12.54 - 071.jpg

Or should the coin look more like . . .


Magical Snap - 2023.05.25 19.03 - 075.jpg

Magical Snap - 2023.05.25 19.03 - 076.jpg

Magical Snap - 2023.05.25 19.04 - 077.jpg

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14 minutes ago, O-Towner said:

It's certainly an example of Federal Coinage from Boeotia

Ox: Head of Demeter (or Kore)

Rx: Poseidon standing left and resting right foot on rock

Probably BCD Boeotia 106

Your assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.

I wasn't aware of this coinage and your response caused me to investigate the link between Demeter and Persephone. Very interesting. I now know why (some believe) we have the seasons (Summer and Winter).

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