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Recent Kashmir pick up...


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Sussala deva...Thrilled to add this one coming from the Spengler collection...Nice patina and decent detail...




Obverse Ardochsho (Lakshmi) seated cross-legged facing in lalitasana (with right leg folded under and left leg hanging down), holding diadem in right hand and long-stemmed lotus in left hand, legend in Sharada script, at left: su, at right: ssala
Highly stylized King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, legend at right in Sharada script: deva
Date 1112-1120 CE
Weight 6.16 gm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference MNI 190 var

Rare  not listed in Mitchiner. Ex-William Spengler.

Anyone know what the yockers collection refers to?

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Thanks Bob..

This coin along with others were bought from Stephen Album by Pankaj at Coin India a few years back...I've been picking them off one by one...I'll do some searching and see what I can find.


Thanks again.

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Thanks @Sulla80...You and Bob have both come up with the same name...Problem is I cannot find anything on line regarding this collection apart from Stephen Album auctions.??

Here's a couple of photos in hand showing it isn't as "green" as the sellers photo shows in the op.



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