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Follis ID Help Please


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Hey all, my brother recently went to Jordan and picked up a couple coins for me, among them this M-follis.


There's plenty of obverse legend, but I can't quite make it out. I think I see a "MAN" somewhere, indicating Manuel I(?), but it's a tough one that's out of my wheelhouse.



Diam: 25mm (irregular)
Wt: 9.0g
Year: Anno I
Mint: Nikopolis

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I think I see "TIb"?  Maurice Tiberius from Nicomedia would be my guess.  His coins could be a bit, er, "free form" (or barbarous).  Here's two types:



Pretty cool that you know it came from Jordan.  Nice one @hotwheelsearl

Here's one I have:


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