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Sasanian ID help 230518 Khrusru II, please


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Sorry to be a pest when it comes to these, but even with the cheat sheet, I'm still rather hopeless at reading dates and mints, especially with currently only having 1 1/2 good eyes. Any help would be appreciated.

The encrustations might make reading the mint impossible, unless the visible squiggle makes it possible.

I really enjoy Khrusru coins of this style. It's a bit hard for me to actively search for Sasanian to buy because there's so many spellings of most of the names.


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Someone must have really liked green encrustations.  90% of the ones with caked on green encrustations were sold.  It was kind of odd.  This one seems to have caked-on sand or mud.  I'll know more when it arrives.  I liked the bust and it was kind of akin to the impulse items in the checkout.  It got thrown in as part of a larger order.

I also ordered the most uncleaned Parthian Drachm they had! The previous semi-uncleaned one I bought a few months' back was the first Parthian buy since around 1993/4.  I want to find a quite nice example of one of the early kings, when they had realistic portraits.

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Is there a link for Tom Mallon's mint site?  The ones on Forum are shown vertically, which makes it double-difficult for me.

Reading Pahlavi is really difficult.  By the time I switch from Photoshop or whatever viewer I'm using, to the identification site, it's hard to remember exactly what the squiggles look like.

I'll try on this one, acquired right before eye trouble.  Year: 20-something. Mint; no idea, LHW?

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