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Cool shield (?) and spear heads/barley(?), but from where, when, and who??


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I purchased this from Bucephalus a couple auctions ago and am no closer to identifying it. So, I figure it's time to ask for assistance. 

The obverse design sure appears to be that of a shield. Though not a Macedonian, Galatian, Boeotian etc. I might guess Celtic, but the writing is clearly Greek. 

Ironical, _ΠOITOY translates to "WHAT" and ΠOITOY to "WHEN". Both questions I'd like answered about this coin!


ASIA MINOR, Uncertain. AE.

Obv: Shield ?


Between two spear-heads or barley corns.

Condition: Very fine.

Weight: 4.30 g.

Diameter: 16.8 mm.


Has anyone seen the type before, have one or any guesses are appreciated!?

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14 hours ago, ambr0zie said:

Difficult. The design is (a little) similar to Selge 


and Polyrhenion


But these designs do not show 2 spearheads and the legend does not fit, although it could be a magistrate's name. 

Thanks for digging, my dude. The spear design is reminiscent, but as you point out the legend isn't a fit. As well, the shield design on this one sure is funky. Just nothing like it that I've found...

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Unfortunately, I've also tried and just can't find anything concrete.

I do have coins from Polyrhenion and Selge.


Crete, Polyrhenion
circa 330-280 BCE
AE 11mm, 1.14g
Round shield; in center, bull's head facing
Π-O/Λ-V; spear point
SNG Copenhagen 534
Ex Chistopher Morcom collection
Ex Edward P. Warren collection
Ex CNG 2007


Selge Pisidia
300 BCE - 119 CE
Ae 15mm 2.1g
Obv: Round Macedonian type shield
Rev: Spear-head, C - E to either side
BMC 62

My initial thought was Aetolian League. Their earliest issues weren't too far off from this. I actually found one at a good price, but unfortunately that seller is in Florida and there's some theft going on at USPS there, and my coin was a victim. 😞 Regardless, it's not much of a better match than the above.

My other thought was Eupolemos. There are actually quite a few designs for that coin, but again none really match yours.

I believe your best bet is the lettering. Of course, we don't know if it's a city name or a magistrate. I believe it's more likely to be a magistrate, but if you can find a searchable index of the Barrington Atlas it's worth a check.

My rough guess also is that it's from the 2nd or 1st centuries BCE, but it certainly may be wrong.

Coins like this are a lot of fun to research.

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