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a fancy uncleaned


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Demetrius II - 129-125 (2nd reign) - AR Shekel Tyre 28mm, 12.39g uncleaned HGC9, 1122 SE 185 .  partially uncleaned

Although it's a shekel, it's close enough to a tetradrachm to cross that off the uncleaned list.  I have at least one tet with probably original hoard patina, but it's not uncleaned.

The Secret Saturnalia gift I gave made me want a type like that.  Not paying too much attention, I thought this was a Demetrius I.  Sadly, it doesn't have the cool 2nd reign beard of Demetrius II but this is a box-checker.  Demetrius II is off the list.


Antiochus VI Dionysos - 144-142 BC - AR Drachm - 17mm. ,3.85g Antioch mint HGC 9, 1036a F, pitted

This is cleaned and not in the greatest shape, but I always have wanted a drachm of Antiochus VI.



18mm, 3.03g

This is my first fallen horseman purchase in quite a while; probably since the 1990's. I had never gotten around to getting Constantius Gallus.


I think I'll go back to the uncleaned well one last time and then pivot back to regular coins.

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I really like the contrasting patinas on the third coin. 

The first one, from Tyre, is also nice and I wouldn't clean it much further - again the contrast helps.

Here's my Tyrian "tetradrachm", shekel weight, for Antiochus VII.  It came from a hoard that was posted online in 2021.

Antiochus VII Sidetes, tetradrachm, Tyre, 130–129 BC, year 183.



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Very nice!  I also enjoyed your recent coin store purchases.

It's pretty tough to find tetradrachms in an uncleaned state.  I possibly overpaid for it, but how many uncleaned tets does one find? 

I plan to leave all my uncleaneds as-is, both because I'm incompetent at cleaning and I bought them as an educational 'before' contrast to my regular coins.  The only way I'd have one sent off to be cleaned would be for BD, etc.


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