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A Ptolemaeic coin?


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After being passed over as heir, he went to Lysimachos's court in Macedonia where he contributed to the fall of Macedonia and its conquest by Seleucus I Soter, founder of the Seleucid Kingdom. He then murdered Seleucus I and became King of Macedon for about 17 months before he was killed by Gauls in 279 BC.


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That's a terrific example, @Sulla80.  With kudos to @Broucheion, it's like, Yikes, a 20.5 mm obol, for crying out loud.

This has to remind me of the iconic follaros of Norman Sicily, with the lion's head, likely misinterpreted from a local, Magna Graecian AR issue from the 5th c. BCE.  (I only have a fractional one.  image.jpeg.551872a54b6c7e7cfd4c84d34133edeb.jpeg)

Yes, some equivalent along the lines of earlier Ptolemaic 'hockey pucks' is on my bucket list.

But @Broucheion's reference is sailing over my head.  ...Without even Wiki-ing it, is this Aristobolus (sp)?  Was @Sulla80's example even issued in Egypt?  ...To resort to cliche, the British public demand to know!  Not knowing any better, it's fun to speculate that, just maybe, this could  be a prototype for the Egyptian series, from a mint as far afield as Macedonia.  --Doubt it, but for this minute, it's fun, anyway.

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14 hours ago, JeandAcre said:

But @Broucheion's reference is sailing over my head.

Hi @JeandAcre,

I am sorry for confusing you. My bad. I was answering @Sulla80 in shorthand and he replied with the actual text. CPE = Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire by Catharine Lorber. Volume 1 covers Ptolemies I - Ptolemy IV. There is a separate book for the AE coins and another for the Precious metal coins (so volume I contains two books). One can order it as a print on demand book in either softcover or hardcover direct from the publisher, the American Numismatic Society (ANS) at https://numismatics.org/store/cpe1/ . Volume II covering Ptolemy V - Cleopatra VII was just announced for a July 2023 release. See https://www.brepols.net/products/IS-9780897224024-1 . The cover says ANS is the publisher, so I will be getting my copy from them to take advantage of the 30% member discount.

- Broucheion 

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@JeandAcre I was being intentionally cryptic to give some opportunity for wondering.  The answer can be found in the link at the OP (https://www.sullacoins.com/post/galatians-in-egypt) and at PCO the companion database to the book that @Broucheion mentioned.


while we are on the subject of Normans in Sicily - here's a trifollaro that is a nice companion to your coin of William II...


Kingdom of Sicily, William II, "the Good", 1166-1189, Trifollaro (Bronze, 24mm, 9.08g, 12h), Second Coinage, Messina

Obv: Lion's mask facing slightly to left

Rev: Palm tree with dates

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