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Viking hoard found in Jutland.


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@Roerbakmix, please be indulgent enough to receive my profound personal thanks for this incredible article.  (I used Google Translate; if there's something better, Please, let me know!)

Here's the post I did on the example I managed to land not long ago --a 'bucket list' coin if there ever was one.  It would be disingenuous not to note my relief that the relatively small number of examples isn't likely to have an adverse effect on the price!


From here, the finds' historical context is nothing short of epiphanous.  I've always been conditioned to associate dynastic conflict within Scandinavia with later phases, following the breakup of Cnut's empire.  (Thank you, Harald's grandson.)  It's looking as though that element can join the dynamics of raiding, conquest and settlement, as another feature of the Viking Age which was more nearly continuous, and effectively simultaneous, throughout the period. 

...Meanwhile, I'm not done with the article!  Gonna save the translation to Google Docs.  Thanks again, Lots.

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