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When a coin has a full legend and you still can't figure it out...


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Well, this AE17 has basically a full legend, but I somehow can't make heads or tails of it. I'm usually pretty okay at coin Greek, but this is kicking my butt.


Obv/Rev: KAHTON---N



I'm guessing one side is a "youthful head of the Senate" and the other side is head of Apollo, but I can't even tell which is which, of if I'm even correct.

An RPC search with MHN turned up about a thousand results, so barring spending the rest of the evening scrolling... pls halp 😕

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That's a pretty one @hotwheelsearl - and good eye @Roman Collector  And I'll be dipped - I just got one of those from eBay - but without the lituus as shown on the @Roman Collector example.  My attribution notes are below: 


Pseudo-autonomous  Æ 18 Claudius-Nero era (41-68 A.D.) Pergamum, Mysia ΘƐΟΝ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟΝ, draped bust of Senate right / ΘƐ[ΑΝ ΡΩ]ΜΗΝ; turreted and draped bust of Roma right RPC I 2373-2374 (see notes) BMC 205-6 & 208-9; SNG France 1964? (3.78 grams / 18 x 15 mm) eBay March 2023     Lot @ $3.33

Notes:  I cannot really tell the difference between these two, auctions seem confused as well: 

RPC I 2373 - Roma with tresses

RPC I 2374 - Roma no tresses

 Die-Match Obv. & Rev.?: Coin no. 15 of RPC I, 2373 Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster Inventory 2718  

This RPC search shows the various types like this - I found it to be a bit confusing:


I think I see "tresses" on the OP?  

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