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Very rare Domitian denarius just added to my collection


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I was thrilled to receive this rare Domitian denarius today! I have been keeping my eye out for this reverse of Domitian for several years! Thanks to a couple of friends who routinely let me know when a coin of interest becomes available, I was able to grab this one.

While Minerva is certainly no stranger to the reverses of Domitian denarii, this particular usage of Minerva occurred while Domitian was Caesar and not Augustus. While many may find the Minerva reverses dull and unappealing, I am not one of those. If one looks carefully, it is possible to find some very interesting and significant Minvera issues within his coinage.

Domitian as Caesar (Struck 76-77 CE). Second Issue 2.92 g


Reverse: COS IIII: Minerva standing right on prow with spear and shield; to right, owl

Purchased from GIN numismatics, April 2023


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You're welcome! 😄

I bought this at the same time from the same dealer!





Laureate head right

Goatherd, seated left, milking goat left

Rome, July 77-December 79 CE
RIC 985V (R)

Ex-Germania Inferior Numismatics

Part of the agrarian series under Vespasian, perhaps promoting a more simpler way of life or the bounty that is provided by the Emperor. This one being minted for Titus. While only listed as Rare in RIC, this type is exceedingly difficult to find in trade, even more so than the one for Vespasian, and is a favorite of collectors. Only 3 others in Forum galleries (orfew, 2 Atherton). Wonderful toning in hand.

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