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Corinthian stater ?


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I was lucky to buy this stater last Saturday on the club auction. It is not the kind of coin I usually collect, but the price (45 €) decided me to buy.

It would be a stater of Corinth, SNG COP84, but I know nothing of this coins. I was checking quickly in Wildwinds and there this staters have mostly a symbol on the reverse and a letter on the obverse. Problem is also that there are many cities with this coin. Can anybody confirm or give information where to look ? Thanks.

image.png.e36106c098eeef6f9bae3f89f1266d53.png    310-300 BC -- 8.48 gr



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Technically speaking, the Pegasus is on the obverse (anvil die) and Athena on the reverse (punch die).   If you were considering trying to get a complete set, this reference should talk you out of it:


My best stater from Corinth is a common one.  Note all three of my silver coins have reticulation (common with these very good silver issues):



In addition to the many staters, you can get smaller silver and minor bronzes as well. 







AE13 note the qoppa under Pegasus




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