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Medieval Limoges: What have I bought at auction?

Prieure de Sion

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Oops. I got the number wrong and bought something I didn't expect. My favourites are Roman coins.

I found out that this coinage has to do with Limoges, the Saint-Martial Abbey and that the bearded man on the obverse is Saint Martial. But that's all I know.

I looked on acsearch, of course - and only saw that there are also barbarian imitations here - or is it one? That the guy is rare? It's an anonymous coinage? 

And could someone maybe give me a reference catalogue number for my specimen?




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It's got fun historical context.  Limoges was right in the neighborhood of the Lusignan counts of La Marche and Angouleme, who made all kinds of trouble for the Capetian and Angevin kings --depending on what week it was-- during the later 12th-earlier 13th centuries.  So if you wanted one representative of how hectic the high tide of the feudal era could get, you did very well. 

Huge thanks, @seth77, for the terrific link!  I love the ones with that level of regional emphasis, but only stumble onto them randomly.

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1 hour ago, JeandAcre said:

So if you wanted one representative of how hectic the high tide of the feudal era could get, you did very well. 

No no, I didn't want the coin at all 😄 I only have antique Romans privately and professionally - and I don't know what to do with them (except to pass the coin on). I find the coin beautiful and have also read up a bit about the abbey and the saint (Wikipedia) - very interesting. But the coin itself is not my collecting area 😄


Thank you very much for all the help from all of you.

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...Then why not slap it on the Cabinet?  Apart from an only slightly sloppy strike, it's a solid example.

Hopefully this link will work.  This page runs to full retail, but it'll give you something in the way of a price range.


...And, Oops, sorry, a reference:  Duplessy, Les monnaies françaises féodales, Tome 1 (Paris, 2004), pp.216-7, no. 883.  Duplessy lists minor variants, mostly involving couchant 'S's (and one obole /half-denier), down to p.219 /no. 894.  This one seems to rule any of those out.

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Yipe, Duplessy!
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