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Ancient(?), Byzantine(?) & Islamic Coin ID Help


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Help!  A while ago, a dealer friend of mine asked me to identify some coins for him.  I took some pictures of them when I was with him, but they are so far gone, and my knowledge very much lacking, that I do not know what they are. Unfortunately, I neglected to get the weights or diameters, but I think the membership here will likely be able to tell me what each of them is regardless as they seem quite distinctive. There are five coins I am looking to identify.  I'm under no illusions as to their (lack of) value, but I'd still like to be able to let him know what they are.

Coin #1:



On what I assume is the obverse, I seem to see a robed figure with a headdress standing left, and holding in his left hand a staff, and in his right, an orb surmounted by a cross.  I can't make heads or tails (pardon the pun!) out of the other side at all, unless it's a horse of some kind.

Coin #2:


The coin above seems to have a person sitting or standing, and facing the viewer.  The reverse has Arabic script, but I do not know what it says. It seems clear enough for the most part, though.

Coin #3


The obverse has a really cool cat of some sort; the reverse, at a guess, shows an elephant or a horse--or maybe something else entirely.

Coin #4


This coin reminds me of some of the ancient Jewish coins, but I am not sure.  I do not even know if I have rotated the coin correctly, and in any case I have no idea what is on the second side.

Coin #5


The last coin is obviously not ancient, and reminds me of various 19th-20th century coins that I used to see a long time ago. Unfortunately, the only thing I can say about it is that it is Islamic with Arabic script.

If anybody can help me out with this, I would be most grateful, and then I can pass on the info to my friend. Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi, @NathanB, and thanks for some interesting puzzles!  I can second @Nerosmyfavorite68 and @John Conduitt about the early Byzantine 40 nummi at the top.  I was wondering if it was Arab-Byzantine, but as people have pointed out in the Byzantine forum, official issues from the 7th century are plenty crude on their own watch.  I'm resonating with your assessment of Coin 4; the sort-of parasol and imitative, neo-Macedonian helmet are Herod, I think.  But you're right; the style looks off, and the lettering is looking more Latin than Greek, let alone Hebrew.  I want to think there were other neighboring issues that also imitated the Macedonian helmet, with that record-breaking plume.

Coin 2 triangulates very easily to give you a broad neighborhood.  AEs that combine figurative elements with fully realized Arabic script like this are almost all from Turks or their near neighbors, in or near modern Turkey.  --Other people here know Tons about this stuff!  They run to being 12th-13th c. CE, with the more iconic AE issues centered in the 12th.  Yours evokes this one, for instance.


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#2: Ayyubids of al-Jazirah, al-Ashraf Musa, 1210-1220, AE dirham citing the Ayyubid sultan al-'Adil Abu Bakr as overlord and the 'Abbasid caliph al-Nasir, no mint [Mayyafariqin], dated AH 612. Balog 849.

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