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an unusually large Carausius with a delightful patina


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I wanted to announce my celebratory package sooner, but it took quite a while to arrive.  For those who don't know, I've really been going through it since February.  A bad sinus infection caused the optic nerve in one eye to swell; I suddenly became 85% blind in one eye.

The first package (ordered March 4th), which arrived today, was ordered in celebration of arriving home and the resumption of some normalcy.  The second, which was ordered soon after, and which hasn't arrived, was to celebrate the clean MRI.  The noise was actually the hardest part of the MRI. 

This condition heals on its own, although I had to diagnose and heal the sinus infection myself.  It's a slow process.  After a month of healing, my eye is 75% better. It's a bit scary to think about if it'll come back entirely, but I just have to have faith that it will.  However, like my dad said (who had the same thing, way back when), it takes a while.  The other eye really does compensate and I've been pretty functional, considering. 

Anyway, on to something fun.  I've never been a big collector of AE Antoninianii, but I really like Carausius.  This one was a two-fer; unusually large (25mm.) and has an unusually nice patina for the type.

There were two other coins in the order, one Magnentius (a box-checker - now I have a Magnentius) and a heavy republican As, just for the heck of it.  I've been trying to check off Carus, but I haven't been able to find an example which I like (it'd be an addition to the primary order).

I quite enjoy the coins I buy from LAC.  There's such a massive inventory to choose from.  However, I'm going to choose the DHL option for the near future.  Shipping to the US from the UK doesn't seem to have bounced back since the strike.  It now takes about twice as long.



Carausius (286-293). Antoninianus (25mm, 5.12g, 1h). Londinium. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust r. R/ Pax standing l., holding olive branch and sceptre; S-P//ML. RIC V 98 (LAC description).

The Carausius is pretty true to the picture and is a shade of green closer to olive green, and like a lot of LAC coins, seems to be waxed.  It's also quite large and heavy.

LAC also had an example with traces of silvering; a real rarity.  However, then the strike hit and the coin stayed around a while, but was gone by the time I thought that it was safe to try again.



Magnentius (350-353). Æ (25mm, 4.80g, 11h). Rome, AD 350. Bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust r. R/ Magnentius standing r., with foot on bound captive to r., holding vexillum and branch; RT. RIC VIII 177.

There were better examples of Magnentius but I chose this one because I prefer the Rome mint. Note how the bust resembles Nepotian.

I'll have to look up in Sear RCV what the reverse says. It's a bit mushy and I only have one fully functional eye.


M. Atilius Saranus, Rome, 148 BC. Æ As (34mm, 25.15g, 12h). Laureate head of bearded Janus. R/ Prow of galley r. Crawford 214/2a; RBW 907.

For the very modest price, it's actually quite nice.

Feel free to post any coins of Carausius or a coin with a healing theme.

Be thankful for health.  You'll never know how you'll miss it when it's gone.  I'm also thankful for family and friends.

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I will have to post this one as I haven’t photographed my other Carausius. His coins are great but I haven’t yet found the resources at the right time to buy anything that doesn’t have Pax on the reverse. His coins of Diocletian and Maximian are also pretty good.

Carausius Antoninianus, 286
Londinium. Silver, 19mm, 2.32g. Radiate bust right; CARAVSIVS AVG. Pax standing left holding branch and sceptre; PAX AVG (cf RIC 878-91).

I don’t think the C mint debate has moved on. Most seem to think there were two mints but the location of the one that isn’t London is not at all clear. Probably not Camulodunum. Possibly Clausentum. It might even be a G for Glevum. But the only evidence is against Camulodunum rather than for anything else.

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15 hours ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Feel free to post any coins of Carausius or a coin with a healing theme.

Be thankful for health.  You'll never know how you'll miss it when it's gone.  I'm also thankful for family and friends.

I tend to do the same as you did with your "celebratory package" : everytime I have an health issue, I gift myself with coins to celebrate healing, hence quite a nice collection in the end.... 🙂 

My Carausius


Carausius, Antoninianus Colchester mint ?
IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG, radiate bust right
MONITA (sic) AVG, Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopia
3,64 gr
Ref : RCV # 13629v, Cohen # 178 var, RIC, cf #867



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Bronze Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted during the reign of CARAUSIUS between 287 - 293 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.CARAVSIVS.P.F.AVG.: rad., dr. & cuir. bust r. Rev. PAX.AVG.: Pax stg. l., holding olive-branch & vertical sceptre, in field SP. RCS #3579. RICV #475 pg.504. DVM #24.


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