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Magnesia on the Maiandros beating Mexico. Syracuse ahead of North Korea


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While doing a  bit of research on a  coin I have that possibly depicts Milo of Kroton, one of the all-time Olympic greats, I stumbled upon his record against the likes of Michael Phelps.

Apparently the main Olympics data site includes ALL known victors and produces the medal rankings over time.

Thus Team Kroton is ranked by skills and  wins  just as is Team GB.  

Even more surprisingly some of the  city states  we  know and  love are still holding their own! 

Corinth is ahead of somewhat more populous India, Halicarnassus is putting the Philippines to  shame and Rhodes is killing a whole host  of big name  countries.

League table


Team Miletus


Milon of Kroton stats


I know this  is unfair at various levels and some  countries have  participated for  fewer centuries and if you are from, say,  Ireland, I'm sorry Megara is whipping your behind and it's a statistic anomaly etc. But hopefully of  some fun/interest.


Here is the coin some say depicts Milo(n). Please enjoy the site - warts and all - and please post any  sporting related coins too!


Bruttium, Kroton, AR Drachm, c. 280-250 BC, head of Milo or Heracles right, wearing tania, rev. owl standing left, KRO before, ear of grain to left, 3.08g


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Thank you. It's currently with me. Here's another but I can't link it directly to  the Olympics through that site as Himera's recorded successes were more foot race (stadion and  dolikhos) . It's such a specific coin though that I can't imagine  it wasn't in celebration of success at one of the games.

(Himera is  neck and neck with Nigeria and Portugal for golds.)


Sicily, Himera, Stater or Didrachm, 430 BC, Silver, SNG ANS:168f 
Nude rider dismounting from a horse galloping left, retrograde legend in exergue. The nymph Himera standing facing, head left, pouring libation over altar, filleted caduceus to right   8.49 g
Horseback riding was introduced at the thirty-third Olympic Games, held in 648 B.C., and generally took a secondary place to chariot events. Beyond the typical horse race, the keles, other events included javelin throwing from horseback, and acrobatics, such as riders leaping on and off horseback, and - as with this coin - riders finishing the race course on foot beside their mount (the anabates, ‘dismounter’).


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