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A well-centered tiny Greek silver coin of Soloi, Cilicia


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On March 11 I posted a tiny posthumous Alexander the Great and noted that it was remarkably well-centered.
Here is an even smaller coin that is also well-centered.
5.6 mm. 0.22 grams. Tiny!  (I am enjoying my electronic digital caliper, useful for getting that last tenth of a mm:
https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Caliper-Adoric-Calipers-Measuring/dp/B07DFFYCXS/ )
Cilicia, Soloi. c. 425-400 BC.

Helmeted head of Athena left
Bunch of grapes. 
A bunch of grapes is the usual type on coins of Soloi from staters on down to this tiny coin, perhaps of tetartemorion (1/4 obol).
BMC Cilicia, Soli [sic] 24, also 0.22 grams.
Sear Greek -- but the design of 5605 which is heavier.
Klein --. 675 is the same design but 0.82 grams--an obol.
SNG Kayhan --. Rosen --. SNG Danish VI Cilicia, Soloi --, but 227 and 227 have the same design at 0.76 grams and 0.33 grams.
SNG von Aulock III 5861 is 0.32 grams and the same diameter.

There are far more tiny Greek silver fractions on the market than there were 30 years ago. They were hardly studied by scholars until the 1990s (and not much since then) and not much collected, either. Now the internet has made it much easier to sell coins--especially those without much value. I think there are more tiny fractions on offer today (this particular day) than there were, total, in 20 years of ancient-coin sale catalogs from the 1970s and 1980s. They are not big chunks of silver like tetradrachms that could impress your friends, but I have no local friends who would care anyway. It is the community of on-line ancient-coin-collecting friends that might care. I hope the hugely magnified photo does not inhibit you from grasping just how tiny this coin is. 


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That's a very cool coin. I don't have any that small.

I did receive a Cilicia, Soloi obol (10mm .66g) yesterday, but haven't photographed it yet.

Here's a little one from Cilicia I also received recently, though it's gigantic compared to your example.


Cilicia, Holmoi
c. 375 BCE
AR Obol 10mm 0.68g 6h
Description avers : Tête d’Athéna casquée à droite.
Description revers : Tête diadémée d’Apollon à droite.
Levante34 var - Aulock- - GC.- - SNG France 2/121 var


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I took a new photo of the tiny Greek fraction in the first post:


That can give you a better feeling for its small size. 5.6 mm. 0.22 grams. Tiny! 

I think a denarius and an AE3 can be properly appreciated from a good photo because we are so familiar with their sizes, but very large and very small coins make a much different impression in hand for being uncommon extremes. 

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That's an incredibly small coin! My Soloi is quite a bit larger (have photographed it now).


Cilicia, Soloi
400 - 350 BCE
AR Obol 10mm 0.66g
Helmeted head of Athena right /
ΣΟ; grape cluster with tendril, star right.
SNG Levante 47 var. (reverse), SNG BN 184-187 var. (reverse)

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I encourage the photographing of coins on coins and am embarrassed that I have done so few.  I know I have shown this way too often but merging the two halves was work and has to be shown (off). 

Phocaea, Ionia - Silver 1/8 obol? - Late Sixth Century BC - 5mm, .1g
Female head 'Smyrna type' left / 4 part incuse - Rosen 598


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