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Delivery issues for Greek contraceptives.


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My silphium delivery from Kyrene was intercepted. Apparently Fedex won’t ship “Libyan origin” products.

Is this a new standard practice? Never experienced it before.

Or just an excuse to post a relevant coin!

(With crabs…)

KYRENAICA, Kyrene. temp. Magas. 
Circa 294-275 BC. AR Didrachm (20.4mm , 7.75g, 12h). Head of Zeus Karneios right / Silphion plant; monogram to upper left, crab to upper right. BMC 255; SNG Copenhagen 1243


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Just for completeness in case anyone ever searches for Libya here, it turns out  some of the major delivery companies won’t ship Libyan-origin products of any nature to the US even if they have been out of “Libya” for decades.

Never knew that.

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That's weird. Leu has, in my experience, been among the most thorough in providing all the paperwork and provenances of coins.

Looks like it's just bureaucracy in the shipper. Were they able to find someone else who will ship it?

Recently I had a bit of an alarm myself. A relatively low value shipment was stopped coming from Savoca. I was asked to fill out a form stating the country of origin for each coin in the shipment. I provided where the coin was minted, but for most I stated that the coin would have circulated across modern-day borders and listed each country where it would have been found.

What alarmed me most was the form had a field "return to." So, I put my address there.

The coins passed through customs with a few days delay and I received them earlier this week. I do suspect I got lucky though and customs didn't really look at them.

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I suspect that their thoroughness in providing  ultimate provenance was the issue. 

When I asked what was happening - they sent me  2  invoices, one for the rest of the  coins, and the other this, this was exactly what was said, perfectly  professionally and  promptly. I have no complaints about Leu.

"We had to split your order in two invoices because FedEx due to their policy does not carry any items with country of original «Ukraine and Libya» to the USA."

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