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What about a dedicated sub-forum for "featured threads" ?


What about a dedicated sub-forum for "featured threads" ?  

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  1. 1. What about a dedicated sub-forum for "featured threads" ?

    • That's a fricken good idea (expected answer :) ) !
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Hi NF folks,

Three weeks after its start, this place is quickly becoming "the place to be" for ancients.

Everything here is handy and user friendly. There's only one device that I miss and it's a place for featured threads. I guess it's pretty easy for an admin or a mod to move a thread from a sub forum to another : calling @Restitutor

Could we have a sub forum that we could smartly name "Featured threads" should there be no copyright on the name, where those educationnale threads would be stored for everyone's easy use ?

Or everything is worth saving and my question is pointles 😄


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I'm honestly not crazy about the idea. The concept always made me uncomfortable at the other place, as it seemed to introduce an element of competitiveness I didn't like, and the selections seemed quite arbitrary, with many threads unselected that were just as educational as those selected. (And ended up with certain people sniping at me for my own high number of featured threads, suggesting that I had nominated them myself, which was completely false.)  Also, if the concept is in fact pursued, then, rather than an actual separate sub-forum to which "featured" threads would be moved, I would strongly prefer @John Conduitt's idea of an "educational" tag that either the poster could apply or that @Restitutor could apply on his own or at others' suggestion. That way, posts with that tag could be searched without actually moving them to a separate sub-forum, a move which would result in their no longer showing up when scrolling through the sub-forum where they belong and were originally placed.

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