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Ptolemy I as Satrap Tetradrachms


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Won one of these bad boys in a recent Stacks Bowers auction. 


Ptolemaic Kingdom/Kingdom of Macedon

”Alexander” AR tetradrachm,

24mm, 16.74g, 11h.

Struck 322-321BC, Memphis mint under Ptolemy I as Satrap

Price 3971

A19C60DB-F1DA-4E17-A420-DDFA4C2EE011.jpeg.ee81608bcecb4b96064698a91dfa549f.jpeg36C2DC00-04BD-4344-874E-26C10F148973.jpeg.edb9ae7cf083c8d716a60f9b07fd0551.jpegAlexander tets are a dime a dozen, but the “memphis rose” varieties are quite special. These are considered one of the finest style varieties of the whole Alexander tet series, indeed they are quite beautiful! They were once attributed to Alexanders lifetime but have since been reattributed to after his death.


Early Ptolemaic coinage, from when Ptolemy was still just a satrap, can be quite stunning. Here is another example I have from a bit later on which i quite love, the elephant variety. This one was struck between 306 and 300BC at the Alexandria under a reduced standard-the last issues before he started putting his own image on the coinage. This one is particularly cool because it has the “delta” on the elephant skin, so the die engravers signature! You see this also on later tetradrachms of Ptolemy I.


(I apologize for the poor image quality in advance , I would take better pictures but am feeling in no mood 🤣)

B39545CA-5794-4797-9DF7-D6835269A285.jpeg.fc4d28dddb3d63c05edcdd195b8a6a48.jpeg87253F6D-E83A-408D-9060-AF658991F453.jpeg.f65d395494b6efd4552f833cacbbeedf.jpegHere is a decent video though, really like the toning! https://imgur.com/a/rimgxQU


Any cool finer styled hellenistic coinage to show, or whatever you feel relevant?


Lets see! 



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This Ptolemy II has an interesting countermark. It is well-travelled but not terribly worn. Perhaps we can just call these "bag-marks"!

Ptolemaic King s of Egypt Ptolemy II Philadelphos, 285-246 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24 mm, 14.12g, 12h). Alexandria mint. Obv: Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis; tiny Δ behind ear; c/m: helmet. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩ[Σ] ΠTOΛEMAIOΥ; Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; in left field, EY/KΛE monogram/A. Ref: CPE 227; Svoronos 375; SNG Copenhagen -. Very Fine, banker's mark in obverse field, a few light scratches. Rare variety. Ex Pegasi, donated to ACCG Benefit Auction. Ex VAuctions 221 (17 Aug 2008), Lot 56. 


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Hi All,


PTOLEMY I SOTER (306/305-283 BCE)

Size: 30x31 mm
Weight: 15.64 g
Die Axis: 01:00
Broucheion Collection P-2019-06-26.001

OBV: Alexander the Great, wearing horn of Zeus-Ammon, diademmed head facing right, clad in elephant scalp and scaly aegis tied by snakes. Dotted border.
REV: Athena Promachos striding right on tiptoe, brandishing spear and shield. She wears a helmet, a girdled chiton and a scarf falling in swallow-tail folds. Legend reading upwards: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ. In left field: HΔΙ monogram; In right field: eagle on thunderbolt. Dotted border.
Refs: LORBER: CPE-0083; Sv-0153, pl v, 22-23 [14 listed]; COP-UNLISTED; S-7750var: different monogram; BMC 06.xxx, #045

Provenance: Ex Malter "The Coinage of Ancient Egypt," Auction II, 23-24 Feb 1978, Lot 16.


- Broucheion

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