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Unique Ravenna Mint Tremissis Of Theodosius III


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I have an interesting coin to share today! It is a seemingly unique Ravenna (!) mint tremissis of Theodosius III. 

The coin shows the emperor Theodosius facing with a beard and holding a globus cruciger! The reverse shows a cross amd the legend has the control mark Α or Δ. 
This would seemingly conform to the only known ravenna mint coin of Theodosius III, a unique tremissis in the Hague museum. However, upon closer inspection, the obverse of my tremissis is different than the other known ravenna tremissis of Theodosius III. 


vs [DN THEOD] OS IPSA (? No clue haha)


All in all, its quite the interesting coin. Provenance back to 2010 with Heritage, before that I am not sure. Once in a slab, now freed 🙂



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20 minutes ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Wow!  The Italian mints have always been my Byzantine favorites but I've never been able to acquire a gold coin from said mints.

Congrats on this addition!

Thanks! If you are in market for Sardinian gold of this era, HD Rauch is selling what may be the best collection ever assembled of early eight century sardinian gold. Most are way out of my league but I will try to bottom feed for a worn tremissis 😂

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