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Philip I - Temple of Zeus on Rev 244-249 AD


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I have also posted this elsewhere without the little bit of added info.



Obverse: AVTOK K M IOVLI FILIPPOC CEB, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right

Reverse: ZEUGMATEWN, temple of Zeus Katabaites, tetrastyle temple with cult image of Zeus seated facing within, holding sceptre; peribolos below containing grove; capricorn leaping right below.

28.9mm, 16.8 grams

Info partially taken from Wikipedia

Philip the Arab 204-249 AD was Roman emperor from 244-249 AD.
He was born in Aurantis, Arabia, in a city situated in modern-day Syria. After the death of Gordian III in February 244, Philip, who had been Praetorian prefect, achieved power.
He quickly negotiated peace with the Persian Sassanid Empire and returned to Rome to be confirmed by the senate.
During his reign, the city of Rome celebrated its millennium.

Philip was betrayed and killed at the Battle of Verona in September 249 following a rebellion led by his successor, Gaius Messius Quintus Decius.
Philip's reign of five years was uncommonly stable in a turbulent third century.

Today I wondered just how many leaders shown on ancient coins were killed in battle or assassinated? It seems from my recent investigating that the percentage number is probably high.
Prestige and power had it's price.

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Hi @thenickelguy,


See Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Murdered_Roman_emperors 

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