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Philip II as Caesar - Sestertius 244 AD


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I have posted this one on another forum but

without the little history snippet.



Philip II as Caesar

Mint of Rome. 
Obverse: Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. 
Reverse: LIBERALITAS AVGG III, S C in exergue, Philip I and II seated left on sella curulis, each extending hand, Philip I holding short sceptre.

23x28mm, 14.6 grams 

It's a large bronze coin in an odd oblong shape.


Info from Wikipedia

When his father became emperor in 244, the younger Philip was appointed caesar. In 247 he became consul, and was later elevated by his father to the rank of augustus and co-ruler.
Their reign took place during the thousandth anniversary of the founding of Rome, and great games and spectacles were planned for the celebration.

Ancient historians say that Philip I {Philip the Arab} and Philip II were both killed in battle by Decius in 249.
Modern historians say that when news of Philip the Arab's death reached Rome, Philip II was murdered by the Praetorian Guard at the age of twelve.
Philip II was sole ruler of the empire for the fall of 249.
He was less than 12 years old when he became emperor.

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thenickelguy strikes again!! ... man, I'm lovin' your sweet coin-threads (keep that shit up!!)


=> I had a couple of fairly sweet Phil-II's (wanna see 'em?)



Philip II. As Caesar, Æ Sestertius (below)

244-247 AD

Rome mint, 3rd officina. 4th emission of Philip I, AD 245

Diameter: 30.5 mm

Weight: 20.36 grams

Obverse: Bareheaded and draped bust right

Reverse: Philip II standing right, holding spear and globe

Reference: RIC IV 255a; Banti 10

Other: 2h )... dark gray and brown patina, areas of light roughness, hairline flan crack


Philip II Sestertius Spear and Globe.jpg


MOESIA INFERIOR, Marcianopolis (below)

Philip II. As Caesar Æ Pentassarion

AD 244-247

Diameter: 27 mm

Weight: 13.73 grams

Obverse: Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust of Philip II right, facing draped bust of Serapis left, wearing calathus

Reverse: Serpent coiled left; E (mark of value) to right

Reference: H&J; Varbanov 2100

Other: 2h ... green-brown patina


Moesia Inferior Philip II.jpg

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Really interesting coins. Nice to see the two Phils together on the reverse. And that snake coin is just brilliant.

Mine is a run-of-the-mill antoninianus, although I don't have too many of sol.

Phillip II Antoninianus, 246-247


Rome. Silver, 22mm, 4.56g. Bust of Philip II, radiate, draped, cuirassed, right; IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG. Sol, radiate, advancing left, raising right hand and holding whip in left hand; AETERNIT IMPER (RIC IV, Philip I 226). Found near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

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Yes very nice reverse depiction @thenickelguy....

I still only have one of Philip II..



Philip II... AR Antoninianus 247-249AD(23mm, 4.29g, 1h). Rome, AD 247.
Obverse..IMP PHILIPPUS AVG...Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse..PAX AETERNA...Pax standing left, holding olive branch and short sceptre.
RIC IV 231c; RSC 23


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Cool addition

Here's my "Mr Pink" sestertius of his


Philippus  II, Sestertius - Rome mint, ca AD 245/246, 5th emission, 3rd officina
M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, draped bust of Philippus right, seen from behind
PRINCIPI I VVENT, Philippus II standing left, leaning on spear and holding globe
20.1 gr
Ref : RCV # 9249, Cohen # 49, RIC # 256a


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