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Gold Histamenon Nomisma

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I've had this for a bit of time but have never shown it here, it came courtesy of a Leu Numismatik auction last year...

Constantine X Ducas, 1059-1067, founder and first ruling member of the short-lived Doukid dynasty. During his reign, the Normans took over much of the remaining Byzantine territories in Italy while in the Balkans the Hungarians occupied Belgrade. He also suffered defeats by the Seljuk sultan Alp Arslan. Somewhat unhealthy throughout his reign, he died in 1067 at the age of 61.

AV Histamenon Nomisma. (AV, 28 mm, 4.41 g, 5 h), Constantinople.

Obv. +IhS XIS RЄX RЄςNANTҺIm Christ, nimbate, seated facing on square-backed throne, wearing tunic and pallium, raising his right hand in benediction and holding book of Gospels in his left.

Rev. +KωN RAC Λ O ΔOVKAC Constantine X standing facing, wearing crown and loros, holding labarum in his right hand and globus cruciger in his left. DOC 1a. SB 1847. 



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5 hours ago, AussieCollector said:

Congrats on the coin, very nice condition and seems to have decent gold content (which not all of them do).

I'm curious however, how does the gold tone in the photo compare to the coin in hand?

Actually does. Nice shiny gold. But more debasement was on the way shortly!

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