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A rusty Roman with plenty of auction labels


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I came across this coin in the post auction lots for Roma E-Sale 104.  The description of the lot mentions that the coin dates back to E-Sale 48, but I didn't realize that several other labels were included.  Apparently the coin just didn't sell, at least at auction, based on my research, probably due to the fact that as a type it is quite readily available, plus the fact that it is dark and somewhat encrusted and rough.  It also appears to have been partially cleaned, not surprising, really.  Additionally, photographing a coin in this condition with a flash usually does not help with its appearance.

Setting aside these factors, the coin is really not too bad - well centered and nicely struck - although Constans could use a shave.

So, I bought the coin for £30.48, and it now resides along with the labels in the collection, or accumulation, if you will.  Now it has a home which will likely be at least semi permanent.

This photo was taken in filtered natural light, late afternoon.

Constans, BI Centenionalis. Aquileia, AD 348-350.  Acquired after sale, Roma 104, lot 1484.


5.81 grams, 24mm, 6h.


Here are the labels associated with this coin:



Any other multi-label coins out there?



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19 minutes ago, robinjojo said:

Any other multi-label coins out there?

I don't photograph my labels, though I have several coins that have been through multiple Roma auctions. Interestingly, the one I decided to bid on usually turned out to be the one where there were other bidders. 🙂 

This one came with a bunch of labels.


Phliasia, Phlious
Circa 400-350 BCE
AE 14.09mm 1.25g
Obverse: Bull butting left
Reverse: Large Φ surrounded by four pellets
BCD Peloponnesos 107
Ex BCD Collection
Ex 1985 Frank Kovacs
Ex Marc Breitsprecher

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