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Lost my feathered best friend


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Sorry to hear that @ValiantKnight. I always wanted a pet, but my parents never approved but once I retire, I am going to get a dog! I pretty certain he is boogieing down up in Bird Heaven:



Here is a coin to help your brave bird...


Vijayanagar Empire: Achyutaraya (1529-1542) ½ pagoda (MCSI-673, Ganesh-141)

Obv: Gandabherunda (double-headed eagle) walking left, holding an elephant in each beak and in each foot
Rev: Three-line Devanagari legend: Sri Pra / ta pa chyu ta / ra ya



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My sincere condolences...many of us whom have had pets know the feeling of the loss of...I recieved my first pup for my 7th birthday...other than a few college years as Missy did live over 14 years..so I was 21 when I lossed her..Ive had a pet just about my entire life.... 1 Red belly conure and quite a few pups. 

But as a pet owner we all know theres a beginning and a end. ...but still like our pets at times we live in the now. And now I feel your loss...and can only say....like our famlies our pets are so much a part of our daily lives.

They are family...they are what makes us smile...remember those smiles, those minuites in life that bring or brought us joy..... then remember that we to are mortal. And us to have a beginning and a end.

But just know that after ...we will be united again...and for all time...eterinty..not just a few short years or decades.

I know in my ♡ that one day my time will come...I fear not death....as i know that waiting for me will be all those souls, both two and four legged...winged  or not will be waiting ....and for all time we wont be cheated by death...but united in eternity. 

For those of you who don't believe that our animals will not join us in heaven...well then I want to go where they are....as no just god would ever deny unconditional love!

To any of their creations...

By deepest condolences for your loss...  Paddy


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So sorry about your loss.  What a beautiful bird.  I believe you will see your bird again in thee afterlife.  Your bird is in bird heaven.   I have 3 cats.  They mean the world to me.  Hoping for long lives for all 3.   I can appreciate the beauty in all birds.  Last night on Tiki's Tok  I saw what looked like an albino peacock.   I was like wow that is amazing.   I did not even know they existed.

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