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Achilles, the original Avenger


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Way before Captain America tangled with terror, there was Achilles, son of a sea nymph and a king.

Although a large mouse corporation will attempt to insist they own the copyright, it was Achilles who first started the Avengers, as is evidenced by this ancient coin.


Troas. Achilleion/Achaion
circa 350-300 BCE
Æ 10 mm, 0,97 g
Crested helmet left
Civic monogram
SNG Ashmolean –; SNG Copenhagen 64
Ex Savoca

These relatively rare bronzes clearly show the ancient Avengers logo. Where exactly they were minted is still debated, with most attributions stating a small town in the Troad where Achilles' tomb was located. Recent studies have offered another town called Achaion. For this debate, it doesn't matter, since the coin clearly demonstrates the Avengers logo and proves that Achilles was truly an Avenger.

Indeed, Achilles was a major hero in those days along with his Robin-like sidekick Patroklos. Together, they pillaged their way across the Troad until Patroklos was killed in a case of mistaken identity by Hector, which led Achilles to kill the Trojan hero in retribution and drag his body from a chariot around Troy. After that, everyone was merry and sat around the camp fire singing songs while Hector's body was incinerated.

Here's another coin with an image of Achilles.


Thessaly, Peuma
Circa 302-286 BCE
Æ 2.23g, 12mm, 3h
Wreathed head of Achilles to right
AX monogram, to right, Phrygian helmet; ΠΕΥΜΑΤΙΩ[Ν] around.
BCD Thessaly I 1248; BCD Thessaly II 564-5 var. (arrangement of ethnic); HGC 4, 25.
Ex J. Greiff Collection
Ex Roma

Let's see your Achilles coins!

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Here's his greatest nemesis, Hector wearing Loki's hat:



Troas, Ophrynion Æ13. Circa 350-300 BC. Bearded, three-quarter facing head of Hektor, turned slightly right, wearing triple crested helmet / OΦΡΥ, the infant Dionysos kneeling right, holding grape cluster in right hand. SNG Copenhagen 456ff; BMC 4-7; SNG von Aulock 1559; Laffaille


TROAS. Ophrynion. Ae (Circa 350-300 BC). Obv: Laureate head of Zeus right. Rev: OΦΡΥ. Warrior Hektor, wearing crested helmet, crouching left, holding shield and spear. BMC 8-9; SNG Copenhagen 460. Rare 1,57gr

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