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Rana Hastin drachm.


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Thanks @Restitutorfor setting up this new sub forum.

Would like to kick off with...

A Silver Damma (Drachm) issued in the name of Rana Hastin, an anonymous Chalukya feudatory who ruled parts of Gujarat or Rajasthan sometime between 900 AD-1000 AD.
The weight range of these coins 0.45-0.50 grams makes them among the smallest coins to be minted anywhere for general circulation.
The obverse of the coin features an elephant walking to the right, within a dotted border. The reverse side has 'Sri Rana'-'Hasti' written in early Nagari script in two lines...Translation 'King'-'elephant'....
See the overlay detail below..


Chalukyas of Gujarat - Rana Hastin (900-1000 AD), Silver Damma 9 mm/0.50 gm.
Obverse- Elephant facing right with dotted border around.
Reverse- Nagari legend Sri Rana / Hasti in two lines.
MACW 4910-4913..Fishman/Todd# U8; Mitchiner 1979# 299ff; SKU# Q88-49320

Interesting note...Ref taken from Numista..
Initially attributed to Maharaja Hastin (ca. 475-515) of the Parivrajaka family by Rapson (1897) and Mitchiner (1979), but recent researches by Fishman and Todd suggest that the "Rana Hastin" was an honorific title of an unknown 10-11th century ruler of the Chaulukya feudatory in Gujarat or Rajasthan, especially since his coins are found hundreds of kilometers away from Bundelkhand, the domain of the Parivrajakas.



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Really, Really cool, @Spaniard.  Your fluency in the history, never mind, Yipes, the language is ...well, 'impressive' sounds too trite by half.  ...On a much more impressionistic level, I cn't help being reminded of the early, very vaguely (from here) contemporaneous 'Bull and Horseman' coins, where the motifs are still easily recognizable.

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2 hours ago, Spaniard said:

@JeandAcre.. .Thanks...

My main passion and collecting theme are the bronze, I'll use the word staters, from Kashmir which use the Nagari/Sarada script....I'll be boring everyone with a long progressive thread on these quite soon...

No, not boring.  It is fun to learn other perspectives and other histories.

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