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Bummer in Baltimore


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Today was the start of the Whitman Summer Show in Baltimore and since I'm in limbo between the Navy and my new job, I decided to go when they opened at 12. The summer show isn't nearly as big as the spring show but it was nice to walk around and see some coins.

I started off picking through some world bins and I pulled some fun stuff for the kids. After that, I met up with @lloydchristmas and perused the ancients. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing I could find that tripped my trigger and more importantly, was in my price range. @lloydchristmasended up with a swarm of bees that he will hopefully share with everyone (hint hint nudge nudge).

Walked around a bit more and then called it a day after a little over an hour. I was really hoping to find an ancient that scratched the itch but it wasn't meant to be.

Here are a few of the world coins I came home with though. I ended up with more French than anything. They sure made beautiful coins.  I'm jealous thinking of all the great stuff you have lying around over there, @Qcumbor  🙂


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Hi @Furryfrog02, sorry to hear your experience in our fair city was disappointing.  I totally agree with you on the beauty of French (and many other) 19th and early 20th century coins- I love to look through dealers' junk boxes, and try to take time for it at any show I go to, even when I'm also buying higher-end coins.  I wasn't able to go to the spring show this year, but I'm definitely planning on making it in the Fall.

Oh, and just to include some photos, here's my "junk box" buys from the Fall 2017, Fall 2019 and Fall 2021 shows:





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Furry thats why I do the flea market and local shows! #1 dealers pay big bucks for a table....ya think they can afford to give you a discount? Or even a break? Nope....if I go to 1 Baltimore show a year that was a year I had nada to do that day.

Yes granted lots of inventory at high dollar prices.

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