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This is my website Ancient Whitesheet - Ancient Coins and History. This website which I have been working on for several years, a update at a time which is to say that it's under construction like most websites are. I have topics, a gallery and a links page so far. The topics page has a number of articles that have a title and when they were written. The main subject is about how to read coins. You'll find how to add support to see and use ancient alphabets in your research and online postings for ancient coins and how to use Greek letters in some older image editors. Last but not least is Ancient Coin Visual Keyboard which has many keyboards depending on which written language that's on a coin. Some of the alphabets are grouped together depending on which coins used these alphabets as well as multi-lingual coins. All you have to do is read the top of each page the keyboard is on, there are some buttons there such as COPY and CLEAR, use some shortcut keys for zooming and pasting characters in the text field. The links page is grouped into categories of interest and is also up to date, making sure that all websites are online without any problems or issues. I'm going to be updating this page soon. There are some other pages like a appendix I have for my coin gallery which are some of the coins I purchased in the first five years of collecting. The appendix has categories with names and terms and a short definition with small thumbnail images. Thanks for looking around!




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