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Acropolo.com? A new website for antiquities?


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1 hour ago, John Conduitt said:

It's just Zurqieh, now you can't sell antiquities on VCoins.

I'm not sure who they're kidding with the address: 5th Avenue. London. 03SL40F

Isn't Hussam also on MA-Shops? Everyone knows that Zurqieh is in Dubai, given where the packages come from. Hussam has emailed me from the UK in the past, and I know he has connections there. (I very much doubt that he has a New York office!) I do trust his scarabs and other small artifacts as being authentic and not altered. More than I do the coins he sells.

PS: I've never heard of Acropolo.

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I thought Zurqieh had long since been discredited.

According to this link - page 123 - (chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://catalogus.boekman.nl/pub/P19-0434.pdf) Zurqieh was caught up in an antiquities investigation, working with Jaume Bagot on "antiquities that were trafficked from Libya (a conflict zone) and Egypt into the European Union and that were purportedly laundered and sold on the European art market (CNN 29 March 2018)". "Police established from e-mails that Bagot was working with Hussam Zurqieh, a Jordanian dealer based in Dubai, and Hassan Fazeli, an Iranian dealer based in Dubai and Thailand." I have no idea whatever came of it, but he's in the report by name.




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  • robinjojo changed the title to Acropolo.com? A new website for antiquities?

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